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Label Design Packaging for Antima Comidas Health Drink … Reinforce Your Gut Feeling.

What is Antima Comidas ? 

Antima Comidas is a brain child of Mahesh Nagaraj from Bangalore. It is a closed commune that is aimed at preservation and nurturing our health, with a super food diet that helps us enrich living.

With meticulously curated plans for each family. The product mix ranges from probiotics, herbs and roots, millets, grains and legumes.

The need for exclusivity arises from the focusing of energies to meet individual requirements as well as the clinical precision to maintain the highest standards of quality.
Antima Comidas is a movement to inculcate super foods in our diet and innovation at its highest level.

With a detailed assessment that is conducted at the beginning, and regular measurements of key milestones, Antima is everything that you’ve probably missing as the ultimate care you could gift to your family.

If you are really keen, let’s habla.

To know more, please connect with Mahesh on : +91 99865 24365

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