Bollywood Actor Raja Indal Naayak fame

Raja Indal Singh

Bollywood Actor Raja Indal Naayak fame

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A few random clicks for Actor Indal Singh whom you have seen in popular movie Naayak where he acts the Bus Driver who is ready to sacrifice his life.

Indal Raja is an actor in Indian Cinema. He is known for his roles in, what are popularly called, movies in the parallel cinema. He can rarely be seen in films made in commercial mainstream Hindi cinema aka Bollywood, but is often seen in Art Films or “Serious Cinema.” He has been working in the Indian Film Industry for a quite a few years, but he came into the limelight a few years ago with his work in Myoho which released in 2012. He was then seen in Not Today in the year 2013. He continues to do small cameos and supporting roles in multiple movies. He was seen in the film Zid in the year 2014. He is yet to make a significant place for himself in the mainstream cinema. However, he is acknowledged as a renowned and highly talented actor amongst the theatre actors.

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