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orror film "Amangal" Muhurt clap performed by CM Trivendra Rawat (Uttarakhand)
Horror Bollywood Movie Amangal Muhurt 1024 576 Creativo Camaal

Horror Bollywood Movie Amangal Muhurt

Muhurat clap of Horror movie “Amangal” performed by honourable CM Trivendra Rawat , Uttarakhand along with director and actor Avinash Dhyani, actress Sanskriti Bhatt and Prashil rawat. Produced by Padma Siddhi Films & JSR production house, co-produced by Nahal Productions.Avinash Dhyani , Suruchi saklani and Sanskriti Bhatt are in the lead roles. read more for Budding Artists 800 600 for Budding Artists

Today, the world has gone digital. Gone are the days when an aspiring singer would stand in line to audition for Indian Idol or SaReGaMa. Now, we switch on our laptops to step out into the virtual world, as the real one outside is too scary. It is therefore the perfect time to allow the healing balm of music to soothe and calm us as we stay in our protective cages. read more
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Immortal Memories Event 2009

Immortal Memories Legends of Hindi Film Industry was organised by G.V.Films & Siddhesh on 24th December, 2009. The event was Managed by Strawberry Events of Ashok Shekhar whereas complete Branding…

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